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  Think Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to  unleashing  the power of Hope, in a world of despair, one person at a time,  through educational and outreach ministries.


   To unleash the power of Hope, in a world of despair, one person at a time, through educational and outreach ministries.


The Think hope Foundation is a tribute to Maria Middleton’s indomitable faith and spirit. Despite a devasting illness that would claim her young life, Maria brought Unity, Love and Hope to every person and every community she touched.  She was an antidote to the hopelessness and despair that seems to be plaquing the world.  “Think hope” is dedicated to carrying on her legacy of hope. 


Think Hope is an antidote to the hopelessness and despair that is plaguing the world today. Too many people have lost sight of who they are and why they are here. Through Think Hope Ministries support is provided to organizations with Christ centered and courageous people who are willing to let God use them as an instrument to ignite HOPE. Our impact stretches from children to teens to adults. 


Think hope” These were the last words Maria was physically able to write in her journal in 2020.

Her journal, which she began at age 11 began with the words, “God is merciful.”

Maria believed and lived one in Christ Jesus, her Lord, her friend, her Maker. She knew who she was, she knew why she was born and she knew what she valued. Her many writings reflect this intimate relationship with Jesus and others. She lived a life without fear, she had courage, she was kind and she trusted in the Lord. Even when life suddenly changed.

Her kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit will continue to inspire each of us until we are reunited together in heaven.  The impact of her life was her quiet ability to lead, unite, and inspire people to become better versions of themselves while fostering the love of God. Her spirit has affected the lives of many around the world and will continue to do so through her message of ‘Think hope”.

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Maria's Powerful 8th Grade Speech on the values of her classical education at the Regina Academy 2017

Mother of Mercy House -The Maria Middleton              Coat Drive

Maria -Junior Class
President -Ring Day Speech
Villa Joseph Marie HS 2019


Maria's Funeral Mass
October 15, 2020 



Maria was an active member of her parish community, St. John the Baptist in Ottsville, PA.  She graduated in 2017 from the Regina Academy at Saint John the Baptist and was a recipient of the Parish Award, Highest Average Award, Highest Average Religion Award, President’s Outstanding Academic Excellence Award, American Legion Award, Knights of Columbus First Place Essay Contest, 2017 Participant Penn Relays 100-yard dash (School’s Record Holder) and 2016 Catholic Textbook Project History Essay Contest Award. 

She was Junior Class President of the class of 2021 at Villa Joseph Marie High School and was a member of Community Service Corps, Diamond Key Club, Mission and Ministry Team, Hope-A-Thon Overall Chair, Mini-Thon-Freshman Captain, Chorus and JV Basketball team.  Maria was a recipient of the Widener University High School Leadership Award; she received the Highest Freshman World History Grade and Highest Honors English I Grade.  She was a member of the National Honor Society and the National Society of High School Scholars.  

Helping others was Maria’s dedication as she was involved in the Mother of Mercy House Annual Coat Drive and Building a Bridge to Uganda.

Maria’s hobbies and interests include being a Cantor, playing the piano, writing, a dancer and dance instructor at Fitzpatrick School of Irish Dance and she was an avid reader.  However, her most treasured activity was spending time with family and friends.

Funeral IMG_1393_edited_edited.jpg

"Could this 18-year-old who died of a brain tumor be a saint one day?"​​

Prayer Service in Honor of Maria at Villa Joseph Marie High School the day after her entry into eternal life 
October 9, 2020 

Faculty, Religious and Maria's Parents

(parents talk begin at 21:50)speak to Villa Community 

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