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Think Hope  

Directly Supporting Ministries,

Including these listed below,

that Educate to Prevent Despair


 Reach Out to People Who have Fallen Into Despair


We support ministries who focus on teaching a value system to help people understand who they are and why they exist. It is the power of this value system that equips a person to be a beacon of hope in a world full of despair. 

Building a Bridge to Uganda

Maria Middleton Scholarship Fund

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The MariaMiddletonPrimarySchoolSodogoUganda

Opened it's door
to education
Feb. 19, 2024

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We support ministries who focus on reaching those who have fallen into a state of despair. Often times when all hope is lost people need more than just someone to love, lead and inspire them. They first require basic human needs such as shelter, clothes and food. Through the Think Hope Foundation more people will be taken off the street and shown God's love. 

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Dzegvi Center-in the country of Georgia - a shelter for orphaned children, poor elderly and care for those with neuropsychological illnesses.

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